Meet the Parents

Our Girls



AKC Registered Gordon Setter- Female

Introducing Greenbriar's "Cricket" AKC Shelly Lovin' Hope Of Greenbriar (SS09725009). Cricket earned her nickname as a pup with her extremely smooth gait followed by a series of short hops. Cricket displays an excellent disposition and runs with ease. She stands at 24" at the shoulder and displays a long beautiful coat. She loves to hunt, is extremely loyal and always aims to please. Cricket's sire is from Serbia.



AKC Registered Gordon Setter- Female

Introducing "Daffy" AKC Daddy's Little Daffy of Greenbriar (SS11920601). Daffy loves water thus earning the name "Daffy". She is extremely athletic and can run all day. She loves to hunt and spend one on one time with the family. She displays a beautiful coat and stands at 24" at the shoulder. Daffy is a real character and gets along well with other dogs. Daffy's sire is from Serbia.

Our Males



AKC Registered Gordon Setter - Male

Introducing "Archie" AKC Archibald Flynn Of Greenbriar (SR96998801). Archie loves to hunt birds and is an exceptional gun dog. He excels in pointing, flushing and retrieving. He is truly a one stop / shop bird dog with an exceptional nose. He is all you need and does it all. He also hunts well with other dogs. He stands at 26" at the shoulder and displays a long beautiful, silky coat. Archie comes from an exceptional European bloodline. His sire is from France.