Gordon Setter Puppies

Now accepting applications for 2 Gordon Setter litters.  

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Archie & Daffy's Litter

Males: 3
Females: 2

Puppy birth date: 2-29-2024

Pick 1 Male: Reserved - Richardson
Pick 2 Male: Reserved - Coletti
Pick 3 Male: Available

Pick 1 Female: Reserved - Walsh
Pick 2 Female: Available

Archie & Echoe's Litter

Males: 3
Females: 7

Puppy birth date: 3-9-2024

Pick 1 Male: Reserved - Petereit
Pick 2 Male: Available
Pick 3 Male: Available

Pick 1 Female: Available
Pick 2 Female: Available 
Pick 3 Female: Available 
Pick 4 Female: Available 
Pick 5 Female: Available 
Pick 6 Female: Available 
Pick 7 Female: Available 

Archie & Daffys Litter

Collar: Purple | Male
Reserved - Richardson

Collar: Beige | Male

Collar: Green | Male
Reserved - Coletti

Collar: Yellow | Female

Collar: Pink | Female
Reserved - Walsh

Archie & Echo's Litter

Collar: Pink | Female

Collar: Purple | Female

Sarah Evans
Collar: Red | Female

Martina McBride
Collar: Yellow | Female

Trisha Yearwood
Collar: Lime Green | Female

Lee Ann Womack
Collar: Orange | Female

Faith Hill
Collar: Light Blue | Female

George Strait
Collar: Black | Male

Garth Brooks
Collar: Dark Green | Male

Tim McGraw
Collar: Dark Blue | Male

Avg. Height: 24-27 inches (male), 23-26 inches (female)

Avg. Weight: 55-80 pounds (male), 45-70 pounds (female)

Life Expectancy: 12-13 years

Group: Sporting Group


  • New owners will make their gender and puppy selections in the order deposits are received. E.g. 1st deposit = 1st pick male or female, 2nd Deposit = 2nd pick male or female etc.
  • If you placed a waitlist deposit, you have 5 days from the date of birth to confirm your gender selection and make your remaining deposit payment. If payment and gender selection is not made within 5 days of birth, we reserve the right to refund your waitlist deposit and revoke your selection.
  • Deposits are only refundable in the unfortunate event there is a false pregnancy, miscarriage, or other health related issue with the puppies. Not in the event you change your mind and no longer want a puppy.
  • If you are on the latter end of our waitlist and there are not enough Gordon Setter puppies left to fulfill your selection, you may choose to have your deposit refunded back to you or take the earliest available selection in an upcoming litter.
  • If you decide you do not want one of the available Gordon Setter puppies, your deposit will NOT be refunded. You may choose to apply your deposit to a future litter, or forfeit your deposit.
  • Puppy selections will be made between weeks 3 and 5 of age on a date we will set, and puppies will be ready to go home on their 8th week birthday. Puppies that will be shipped via air must wait until 8 weeks of age to fly.
  • Our Gordon Setter puppies are health guaranteed up to their 2nd birthday. Please read our health guarantee here for details.
  • All deposits and payments must be sent via Venmo or paid in Cash following an approved application. Paypal / Credit Card payments are also accepted, but require an additional 3% service charge. Please contact us for more information, or Complete your puppy application now!

Puppy Application

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